Tor Arne Ulvestad Sperre

Tor Arne joined Hægland & Svanberg AS on an internship programme in the summer of 2023 as part of his master’s degree, which he will complete in the summer of 2024. He will then join us in a full-time position as an accountant. Tor Arne’s main focus is on company law, labour law and tax law.

Tor Arne holds a BSc in Business Law and Economics from the BI Norwegian Business School, where he is now doing an MSc in the same area. His studies have given Tor Arne a solid grounding in both legal and financial matters.

While studying, Tor Arne has kept busy. He worked in seafood production at Brødrene Sperre seasonally and in his holidays, and 2018–2019 Tor Arne did his first tour of duty as a scout in the armoured battalion at Setermoen.

When Tor Arne is not at the office, he can often be found strength training or going for a run. He also makes the most of hiking opportunities in and around Oslo, including in the Nordmarka. To relax, he enjoys watching sports programme from the comfort of the sofa.