High-quality accounts are the basis for understanding whether your business is succeeding.

All accounting services at Hægland & Svanberg are electronically based, and are automated where appropriate. All our staff are experienced accountants, and their professional assessments are an essential part of all our services. Our clients are therefore assured of high-quality accounting services.

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Even minor adjustments can make a major difference for your business

Hægland & Svanberg provide consultancy services in the fields of business law, tax, and accounting. Fielding questions in these areas is an integral part of most of the work we do for our clients, and we know that experienced advisers are key to forging the best solutions. Much of our consultancy work involves consulting on ordinary and special taxes as well as company law. In addition, we help with setting up limited liability companies, developing accounting procedures, and resolving financial management issues.

Property management

Hægland & Svanberg offers the full range of property management services.

Efficient work processes are the key to providing continuous personal service while also assuring high-quality deliverables. Hægland & Svanberg bases all its property management tasks on electronic processes, and we can easily adapt these to make sure they are the best possible fit for your business. Our effective work processes free up your time so that together that we can focus on providing good service for your tenants or buyers.

Our services include:
– Accounting
– Contract management
– Administration of joint costs and rental income
– Financial reporting to owners and public authorities