Trine-Lise Skoglund

Trine-Lise Skoglund joined Hægland & Svanberg in 2020. Trine-Lise performs general accounting tasks, reconciliation, and financial reporting, and also assists clients with preparing their financial statements.

Trine-Lise is focused on streamlining processes and eliminating intermediaries, areas she studied in-depth as part of her postgraduate studies. In her master’s thesis, Trine-Lise wrote about Lean philosophy, which is a tool for operational efficiency. After completing her studies in 2016, Trine-Lise was an accountant for Accountor until 2020, where she was in charge of the accounts for a portfolio of clients from various industries. Among other things, she has considerable experience in project accounting for the construction industry.

Trine-Lise holds an MSc in in Economics and Business Administration with specialisation in financial analysis from the University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway. She has also taken a number of accounting subjects in order to further enhance her skills, and obtained her authorisation in March 2022.

Trine-Lise is always cheerful and has a great sense of humour. She hails from the Lofoten islands in Norway and appreciates beautiful scenery. She is fascinated by people and enjoys engaging in deep conversation. Good thriller series are her guilty pleasure.