Mats Skretting Beneventi

Mats joined Hægland & Svanberg AS on an internship programme in the summer of 2023, as part of the master’s degree he is currently working on. He is expected to complete his MSc in the summer of 2024 and . Mats has specialised in company law, labour law and tax law.

Mats holds a BSc in Business Law and Economics from the BI Norwegian Business School and is now doing an MSc in the same subjects. In law, he has focused on financial aspects; he has also done subjects in economics and finance. Mats is especially interested in tax law and business economics.

Alongside his studies, Mats has worked in the insurance industry, where he worked mostly with corporate and private customers.

Outside office hours, Mats enjoys cooking, immersing himself in a book and spending time with friends.