Dag Erik Olafsen-Hægland

Dag Erik has many years’ experience in sales and business development. He excels at helping businesses develop accounting solutions which optimise their basis for decision-making. Dag Erik takes a broad approach to communication and is happy to assist business owners with strategic issues that go beyond accounting.

Dag Erik is a co-founder of Hægland & Svanberg, which was established in 2013. Prior to co-founding Hægland & Svanberg he worked as property manager for a significant property fund, with responsibility for VAT adjustment rules for commercial property and later as a stockbroker.

Dag Erik studied economics and management at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo and holds a diploma as Certified Board Member from Board Company. He has continued his board education and is currently taking executive education within board work from Colombia Business School. Dag Erik served as a soldier in the army, where he was elected to represent his fellow-soldiers at Rena military camp.